Gone are institutional environments that are intimidating and foreign. Gone are care ratios that stretch caregivers so thin that call bells go unanswered for lengthy periods of time. And gone are inauthentic, regimented routines that force seniors into a schedule intended to accommodate large groups, rather than individuals.

Comfort Care provides a series of high quality home care services intended for seniors choosing to live together in a beautiful, shared, private residence.1 We refer to this shared housing and services model as Brookside Homes.2

Each private residence is shared by 3 seniors, who become more like family than housemates. In fact, the house is probably no more than a few blocks from the street where you grew up. No bad smell. No signs out front. No segregated campus.

Comfort Care’s services ensure high quality, individually provided care to your loved one in a supportive and safe environment. The increased level of direct care and support means that there is no need for institutional routines, because needs are often recognized before they’re ever vocalized. So you won’t find any call bells here. Just the relaxed rhythm of life at home, and the peace of mind that your care needs will be met.

And perhaps best of all, Comfort Care’s clients rest peacefully knowing that they won’t have to move into a nursing home, even if their money runs out.

1Though Comfort Care & Resources provides HCBS approved and compliant housing related activities and services, Comfort Care is not a housing provider. “Brookside Home” is a marketing term used to describe the unique and innovative combination of private shared housing and Comfort Care & Resources’ various care and housing related services in a way that is simple for consumers to compare with other long term care options. It in no way implies a legally bundled package of housing and services. Additionally, Comfort Care & Resources takes compliance with all Federal and State regulatory requirements very seriously. This innovative model is fully compliant with all HCBS Settings, Waiver, Licensing, and other applicable regulations.